History and craftsmanship

artisan hats

Located in Ponte a Moriano on Via Fambrini 42., in the municipality of Lucca, the cap and hat factory has 50 years of experience in the production of hats for men, women and children, in every fabric and pattern.

The company takes its name from the initials of its founder FUlceri LAnfranco who, together with his wife Mara, shaped his great passion for CUTTING and SEWING in the 1950s.

Craftmanship, technology and quality of service, selection of the best materials and passion for their work are the company's leading principles.

In addition to having a vast selection of designs to choose from, Fu.La also caters to the needs of fashion houses, by offering a custom tailoring service to create extra special pieces.

A must-have accessory to stand out with a touch of class, the hat is still a sign of great elegance.That's why the hat company produces an endless series of models including English caps, peaked caps, baseball caps, trilbies, leather and fur hats, berets, bonnets, waterproof headwear, bearskins, and much more.


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